I created First to Love with the idea of clearing some relationship cobwebs from my mind so that I can focus on more important things in my life. The title comes from a song of the same name from synth pop duo, Blaqk Audio. Music is a huge influence in my life. Blaqk Audio is made up of two of my absolute favorite musicians. “First to Love” could have been written about my life (aside from not being called Emily). I’m always the first (in my relationships) to love. Something that always seems like relevant information in my introductory statements, but especially in a conversation about romance and sex, is that I am a dyed-in-the-wool, couldn’t be anything else if I wanted to Scorpio, which means I am passionate and I love hard and with unmatched ferocity. It scares people, I think. But, only the wrong people. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

On the heels of my most recent heart break (there have been more than a few), one of my closest sorority sisters suggested that I try my hand at writing romance novels. She has been by my side through more than one messy heart break so she’s somewhat of an expert on the subject. As I set out to give this foreign genre and writing style a go, I learned that there are a lot of areas in my “romantic” history that need to be addressed.

Writing has always been my strongest outlet. I’ve never been as good in person as I am on paper. So I have come here to clear those cobwebs and hopefully get myself to a place where I can write something that might entertain the masses.

Hopefully, whatever comes of this entertains a few people and maybe helps a few with their own situations. Even if just to see that you’re not alone. I welcome comments. I will not respond to hate mail or comments. And I encourage you to share anything you find humorous or heart-wrenching with someone else who might benefit from reading it.

I am not, intentionally, writing this for an audience. I need to get the words out of my head. But as someone who was born with words in her veins, I don’t feel complete if my words aren’t written somewhere other people can see them. I never kept a journal for more than a few days. I’ve even spent much of my life thinking aloud (meaning I talk to myself – all the time. It’s infinitely easier for me to organize my thoughts if they are on the outside). This is just more of that. If a few people read it and enjoy it then great. I am not looking for followers but followers would be nice. I’m not looking for vindication, justification, praise, or criticism. I’m just writing to get the words out.

That said, enter at your own risk. These are true stories (mostly; names and some details may have been changed to protect the clueless) so it could get a little gonzo.

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